Richard's Dune Plants Guide

3rd Edition 2023



By Richard House



When Victor Harbor Coastcare was established in 1999 the main work was on the control of woody weeds, especially the coastal tea tree. That tree has now more or less been eliminated along the main foreshore of Victor Harbor, except along The Esplanade where the trees are retained to help prevent erosion of the escarpment, a few on the Bluff, and at Hayborough. Also there are far fewer buckthorns and boxthorns around. Consequently the emphasis of the group is now on other types of weed which include many small weeds such as gazanias.


This booklet provides illustrations and some information about the most common plants that we find. Most but not all the plants that are listed in the following pages as ‘good’ plants are the traditional local plants of the Victor Harbor region. They are considered good because they survive well in the dunes and they do not become invasive. Most of the ‘bad’ plants, but not all, are what we call the woody weeds and need to be removed. The booklet is by no means exhaustive and there are many many more plants than those selected. This 3rd edition has been updated and republished with the support of the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay.


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